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signature healing modalities



Massage Therapy and Integrative Bodywork has been around fact, it's one of the oldest forms of healing on our planet. I expertly support you in receiving a style of massage that will best suit your needs. I offer Relaxation based Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre/Postnatal, Myofascial Release, as well as adding on Reiki / Energy Balancing, CBD therapy, Dry Brushing, and more. I use organic products, hot and cold therapy, a delightfully comfortable table with lots of softness to sink into. My massage and bodywork sessions are deeply healing to the body, mind, emotions, and soul. All layers of your being are incorporated and welcome to shift into balance and bliss. 



Tantra means "to weave", Yoga means to "unite with". In my Restorative Tantra Yoga offering we focus a lot on breath awareness practices and allowing the body to open, let go, become flexible through conscious relaxation, and guided meditation. This more Yin, or Divine Feminine approach to Yoga (compared to Westernized Yoga which is more Yang, or active) is truer to the essence of what Yoga is really about, to unite with the Self on all levels, integrate (or weave) together aspects of the self that may have been de-prioritized or discarded and allow for healing, peace, and connection to your body--which is a line into Source / God / Goddess / Higher Power. In a session with this focus you can expect to slow way down and be lead into postures that are more floor-based, props will be utilized to hold you in place so that you are working less and feeling / being more. Some Philosophy is shared, but in an embodied style as we are working with the bodymind. 



Ever just need to be held with no agenda other than to relax into stillness with another person? Ya, we all do. That's what Cuddle Therapy is all about and, as a pioneer of this "new" modality, I can tell you the amount of healing and stress reduction within the experience of Cuddle Therapy is limitless. 

Together we create safety by learning how to set comfort based boundaries and practice asking for what we want to experience in a space of mutual enjoyment and platonic care. I know many different cuddle postures and positions ranging from standing, sitting, or getting more horizontal together to support profound relaxation, ease, and oxytocin release (the bonding hormone we produce inside that floods us with feeling good) . Sessions range from 1 hour to several, depending on your needs and wishes for your self care. When in doubt, receive Cuddle Therapy.



Here's to slowing way down and feeling our way to healing as opposed to trying to think our way through, which doesn't really work. In Somatic Coaching I employ deep relaxation techniques and breathwork,  mindfulness practices, and touch to support your process of "landing" in your body and unwinding what is ready to be let go of / integrate new patterns that are ready to be received. You are invited to restfully sit, lay back on my therapy couch or bodywork table as we explore together. 


Everyone's needs are particular to them and initially, prior to beginning the experiential somatic coaching practices, we will identify fully your needs and desires for personal growth and / or healing and visualize together who you will become through this journey with yourself...and me as your guide!


Post Somatic Coaching people report feeling energized, very relaxed,  deeply connected to their truth, and more naturally orienting themselves towards what's truly body mind and soul nourishing...and much more! 

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