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I hold compassionate, curious, and therapeutic space for people to deepen into their body, truest nature, and walk the path of embodied living.
I am an Integrative Body Worker, (LMT), Tantra Yoga Facilitator/RYT, Professional Cuddle Therapist (+ Trainer), and Somatic Coach.   
  • Inhabit Your Body with Connected Confidence!
  • Explore the senses as pleasurable gateways to higher intelligence and healing.
  • Learn to Communicate Passionately and Authentically to Create Profound Intimacy.
  • Express How YOU Really Feel in a Safe Supported Space!        

In light of the global pandemic, I have created a Virtual Healing Studio where you can receive your sessions with me, anywhere in the world. 


The platforms that I am currently using for my Virtual Sessions are:

  • Facetime 

  • Facebook Messenger 

  • Skype 

  • WhatsApp

  • Signal



Virtual Coaching Session - 1 hr


Receive presence and expert support in a coaching session with Satori. We will slow down and make deep contact with what needs the most focus for you and you'll be equipped with tools and resources to continue to move forward beyond the session.

Investment: $90/hr

Virtual Cuddle Therapy Session- 1 hr

Step into a soft and relaxing space with me as your relaxation and connection guide. Even at a distance, you WILL feel touched and all the positive energies you have needed that can only happen through connection with another will be abundant. Some folks enjoy being read to, while others just want to do some relaxing breathing and looking into each others eyes. It's really what we consent to together that makes it unique and always so fulfilling. 

I'm ready to cuddle with you!

Investment: $120/hr


ASMR Distance Massage - 75 min

ASMR means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it's a somatic experience that is often catalyzed via different kinds of auditory and visual stimuli. An ASMR experience happens without you having to think about it, it's a autonomous response in your body to something that is pleasing to it in some way or another. Some people feel "tingles" up and down their spines, others feel "warm and fuzzy" but that's the thing--everyone is going to have their own experience. 

In an ASMR Distance Massage, I am going to use the sound of my voice, and visual and audio cues to support you into releasing tension and receiving a deep massage that starts inside your body in your nervous system, the muscle tension melts away as we open at the center. 

Try it, you'll want more!

Investment: $140/75 min



*You may add time to these sessions in increments of 30 min. Each 1/2 hour added is $60. Just let me know either upon booking or at your session if you may want to add time.


Virtual Tantra Journey 


Go on a Virtual Tantra Yoga Journey with expert Tantrika and holistic healer, Satori Laurel.

We will have 4 hours together total, each session 1 hr. We will not only utilize coaching in this series, but I will also lead you in body based practices from the tantric and restorative yoga wisdom paths to support your unfolding.

We will go on a path of discovering your unique expression within your intimate relationship with yourself and others, helping to create clarity and confidence. Removing blocks to connection and relational ecstasy. 

Investment: $440

Virtual Coaching Series

Three 60 min Virtual Coaching sessions. Receive expert support customized to your unique needs and goals for optimal wellness as you open more to embodied living.

Start today!

Investment: $300

Virtual Couple's Intimacy Upgrade Series


Got Connection w/ Your Partner?

In this series of 4 60 min long sessions we will identify what is ready for upgrading in your relationship and powerfully and pleasure-fully receive those upgrades through my expert facilitation and experience having helped hundreds of couples over the years. Tantric wisdom, bodywork, breathwork, and love affirming practices work! Can't wait to share with you both!

Investment: $640


Due to the recent pandemic, I am limiting the number of in-person sessions that I am conducting and require a health screening prior to our session. 
A Note about Cuddle Therapy: 
I am only offering in-person Cuddle Therapy to those clients I have been working with prior to the pandemic outbreak and who have passed my health screening, been working from home/social distancing, and have not traveled or attended large gatherings, and who are in visible good health. 
This is only for the Cuddle Therapy offering and in-person offerings at this time. All other signature service offerings are available to new, health screened individuals that want to work with me in person. 
If you are seeking Cuddle Therapy as a new client, please let me know of your interest by booking a Virtual Cuddle Therapy Session. In that session, we will connect about your needs and do a health screening to see if working one on one is possible given the variables at play. Thank you for understanding! 
Please find my signature services below. Along with your opportunity to become a Member today or to book you FREE Phone Consultation with me. 

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START TODAY, by booking your FREE Phone Consultation, to decide which type of session is right  for YOU!         
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