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FOUR HANDS of the 

Temple Style Healing Experiences for Singles and Couples

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Welcome. We are so so glad you are here!
Four Hands of the Goddess Temple Experiences are for  anyone who is ready for a deep and beautiful dive into the sacred and being fully honored there in the anchored depths of your Body. 
This kind of inner and outer journey is supported by 2 highly skilled somatic priestesses (therapeutic pro's with many yrs of experience) in order to usher you in this truly delightful opening potential.
Taking our time together, slowing down, and savoring the embodied present moment is the path... and so much  is discovered along the way.
Allow us to guide you there. Some days you really need not just 2, but Four Hands of the Goddess to hold space for you, and as her Priestesses, it is our honor to do just that~

More About your temple experience

Choose from the Light (close to 2 hrs) or Full Length (close to 3 hrs) journey for your customized temple time with us.
We begin with a robed and relaxed tea ceremony to gently slip into the space of connection and presence together, shedding the world and opening our senses to the delights all
around...placed special for you.
After tea is complete which allows us to get to know you and your needs / likes and dislikes to more fully attune the experience.
From here, we will organically transition into a timeless flow of meditative, body based rituals including: somatic unwinding, temple style 4 hands massage, sound healing, sacred oil anointing  ~ to name a few... this will be sure to relax you on all levels and open your being to unbounded embodied pleasure and connection. 
This experience is customized for singles and couple's alike! What a gift to yourself and /or your partner~
If you are feeling the call to this, please click the button below to set up a time to have a short meet and greet over Facetime or Whatsapp with Satori.
We look forward to sharing this one of a kind experience with you~
Satori + the 4 Hands Goddesses Team

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