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In order to have deep and lasting connections with others, we must first get to know ourselves: how we feel in relationships, what we want to feel, and how to get there. 
Through coaching, communication practices, and bodywork we will make those discoveries and create a new space within to attract LOVE!


A 6 session series dedicated to those who are ready to ditch their stressed out reality and want to move out of the head and into the Body. Expert level coaching, bodywork, and restorative yoga is the perfect combination to get you YINward again!

Slow is the new Fast.


A Series for those who Love to Cuddle! 10 hours of in-person Cuddle therapy with Satori, expert Cuddle Therapist.
* currently limited to those who I have seen prior to Covid 19 or who are willing to go through a virtual health screening during a Virtual Cuddle Session, so that I can determine safest measures for our session.


This series is for anyone who is interested in a career or professional scope of offering Cuddle Therapy. We will dive into my Pro Cuddle Program that I've designed to support you in becoming a confident and successful certified cuddle therapist! *certification is a second step after completing my training. This Can also be Virtual if necessary.

Curated VIP Temple Experiences 

For those seeking the utmost personal care in a deep, relaxation ritual with 4 hands extending from two full hearts...

We invite you to our Temple to Receive! 

This is a 2.5 hour temple experience where you will be the central focus of our sumptuous therapeutic brilliance and grace. Tea service and getting to know one another a bit in a candlelit spa-like temple space is the prelude to your deep dive into receiving the best touch experience of your life! 
Satori and her highly skilled temple support practitioners are forces to be reckoned with, and combined are an astounding alchemy of wisdom, sensuousness, and deep loving presence. We will bring levels of restoration and transformation to every layer of your being. Every cell will vibrate anew!  

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An Experience of a lifetime awaits your presence at the Temple of Sacred Love!

This is a VIP service that you will not find easily anywhere else *Because* of who we are as beings and of our years and years of experience in the healing temple arts. 
The dedication we have to your deep receiving is going to be palpable!
In order to schedule your experience, we require a quick meet and greet over the phone to discuss your preferences and answer any questions you might have.

We are unable to offer same day appointments, so please plan in advance. We also require a  $150 deposit in order to secure your reservation. Easily done online when you book, or send a check or money order via mail. Please reach out for further information and booking by calling or texting: (512) 522-9713‬ and we will return your call within 24-48 hrs and we will coordinate your meet and greet consult soon after receiving your reservation. :)
It will be a delight to share this very special experience with you!