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“…I always left a session with awe and amazement at the work that was accomplished in me. I will be eternally grateful for the wondrous gift of healing…” 

“…She is a passionate sprite and a wild guide toward a more spontaneous and integrated way of life.”

“I’m so grateful to Satori for her guidance. She was an open, loving and accepting mirror reflecting my true self back to me as I climbed the peaks and descended into the valleys of my journey to awakening. The deep compassion, insight, and wisdom she shared with me was a gift that opened my mind and kissed my heart with the sweet nectar of I AM.”     – Scott B.


“I loved every minute of my weekly coaching/healing sessions with Satori. She is a gifted intuitive who draws on many holistic forms, moving gracefully from one to another during a session…”

“…Words fail me as I think about the person I was “before” I had the privilege of meeting Satori and the woman in me that was so powerfully revealed “after” my sessions with her. Since spending time in Satori’s loving, gifted, intuitive and healing sessions, I shine more brightly, love more deeply, and live life with less fear!…”   – Lynna, Austin, TX

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