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"My offerings are a fresh and innovative call to presence and connection. Each unique experience is an invitation to greater somatic sensing, energetic awareness, healing, and pleasure. What I will share with you are proven and trusted body-based experiential practices from holistic healing and wisdom traditions that I customize to your development and interest. Your readiness, intention, and desire will illuminate the path to your most Embodied self."


♥ Inhabit your Body with Connected Confidence

♥ Explore the Senses as Pleasurable Gateways to Higher Intelligence and Healing

♥ Learn to Communicate Compassionately and Authentically to create Profound Intimacy 

♥ Cultivate a Peaceful, Painless, and Pleasure-filled relationship with Your Body

♥ Express how you really feel in a supportive space! (As it turns out, denying expression causes suffering.)

• Anxiety  to  Calm Presence

• Depressed to Hopeful, Energized, and Clear

• Creative blockage to a Free Flow of Abundant Expression

• Uncertain and Unsure to Confident and Empowered

• Physical Pain/Tension to Peaceful, Renewed, and Open Body

• Emotional Pain to Emotional Freedom

• Weak or Non-existent Orgasms / Blocked Eros to Fulfillment and Expanded Pleasure

• Relationship Stagnation to refreshed Passionate Exchange, Energy, and Excitement!

• Neglect of the Body into CommUnion with the Body 

• Sexual Shame into Empowerment 


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