I hold compassionate, curious, and therapeutic space for people to deepen into their body, truest nature, and walk the path of embodied living.
I am an Integrative Body Worker, (LMT), Tantra Yoga Facilitator/RYT, Professional Cuddle Therapist (+ Trainer), and Somatic Coach.   
  • Inhabit your body with connected confidence!
  • Explore the senses as pleasurable gateways to higher intelligence and healing.
  • Learn to embody your truth and authenticity to create profound intimacy.
  • Slow down to feel, and embrace your life fully!       

In light of the global pandemic, I have created a Virtual Healing Studio where you can receive your sessions with me, anywhere in the world. 


The platforms that I am currently using for my Virtual Sessions are: Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, and Signal

CLICK HERE for Covid-19 Safety Measures at Embrace Embodiment


Consistency is Key to lasting change and inner transformation. Join me for a grouping of sessions customized to your unique needs right now. You will feel at ease in my Virtual Studio. Come in, friend.


Be supported in the comfort of your home or office with a Virtual Coaching Session of your choice. In my online healing studio you will receive deeply and feel renewed.

You don't have to do this human thing alone. I am here to hold a positive space for transformation. Let's begin.


All new clients must have a brief phone consult and /or virtual meet and greet with me prior to

booking. I look forward to our in person experience in my healing sanctuary and have many offerings to choose from for how we will support your optimal wellness and embodied peaceful presence to emerge!

START TODAY, by booking your FREE Phone Consultation, to decide which type of session is right  for YOU!