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In professional practice since 2006, I hold compassionate, highly skillful therapeutic space for those ready to deepen into fluency their Body, truest nature, and walk the path of Embodied living. 

I am a trauma aware and informed:
  • Somatic Embodiment Coach
  • Integrative Bodyworker / LMT
  • Tantra Yoga Facilitator and Sacred Intimacy Educator/RYT
  • Holistic Living Remineralization Consultant
  • Sound Healing / Somatic Meditation Guide 
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Satori Laurel, Somatic Professional, Austin TX June 2023





Join me in my Virtual Healing Studio where you can receive your sessions with me, anywhere in the world or in-person in Austin, TX.

The platforms that I am currently using for my Virtual Sessions are:  Facetime, WhatsApp, and Signal

In my supportive space you will:

Let's Connect over a Video Meet and Greet (free) to discover what offerings are best for you. All new clients are invited here as a first step. 
Click here to set up your time: (I am in Central Time)
  • Inhabit your body with connected confidence as you release shame, and what no longer serves (beliefs / stories / programming / others opinions)
  • Explore your full range of embodied senses as pleasurable gateways to higher intelligence and healing
  • Awaken to and be Educated about the Power of your Nervous System and How to utilize it to your advantage to grow and be at ease in your power
  • Break out of the high intensity go go go performance based lifestyle and discover a pace that actually works for you and gives you energy to do and be what you Love   
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