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 Transform your Love Life by Gaining Deeper Access To Your Own Body

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Learn how to be fully present with your Body and allow that solid connection to support and enrich other relationships platonic to sexual. Receive help with  letting go of shame and guilt around your desires--what you truly want to cultivate in love and intimacy. Be guided to open more to pleasure and the healing that is waiting there once you attune to it fully. It's a skill. Allow me to show you the way.


The Dynamics of Consent & Communication in Relationships:

Receiving, Giving, Taking, and Allowing based on the Wheel of Consent by mentor, facilitator and author: Betty Martin

• Communicating desires and boundaries with confidence and authenticity

• Knowing the difference between what you want to do and what you are willing to do (or what you want to receive vs. what you are willing to receive)

• Releasing the addiction to "what's next" or living in expectation and learning to instead receive the moment fully

• Listening with your whole body - Somatic Attunement

• Self Regulation and Co-Regulation Tools and practices that are the key to coming into relaxed presence and opening to greater pleasure.

Depending on what you are needing most, we will explore the modalities of: Somatic Coaching, Intimacy awareness games (that highlight and cultivate the relational skills of: sharing needs, boundaries and consent),  bodywork/touch exploration, breathwork, movement, tantric practices, and cuddle therapy to address the blocks or expansion opportunities that you are currently experiencing. 

This Series is 7 sessions, 2 hours each. We meet Virtually and In-person. Ideally, virtual for the first session, and then a mix following that meeting once per week or every other week. Could also be paired w/ my Tiger in the Night Virtual Men's Program for those that want the extra support and video + audio guides.
Anyone can improve in intimacy w/ the Love Lab Series, but you will grow rapidly in this program especially if you: 
  • experience anxiety or awkwardness when you attempt to connect with others 
  • suffer from pe or ed / have an inability to orgasm / feel disconnected in sex
  • feel shame or guilt around your sexuality
  • long to form a lasting intimate relationship, but it never seems to work 
  • feel disconnected from your body 
  • procrastinate with 'getting out there' or making a plan to date even though you really want to
  • have a sexual or romantic nature that wants to come out, but you're afraid of it
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