Transform your Love Life by Opening to Greater Self Love & Learning to Communicate your Needs.

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Learn how to be fully present with yourself and allow that solid connection to support and enrich other relationships platonic to sexual. Receive help with  letting go of shame and guilt around your desires--what you truly want to cultivate in love and intimacy. Be guided to open more to pleasure and the healing that is waiting there. 


The Dynamics of Communication in Relationship:

Receiving, Giving, Taking, and Allowing based on the Wheel of Consent by mentor, facilitator and author: Betty Martin

• Communicating desires and boundaries with confidence and authenticity

• Knowing the difference between what you want to do and what you are willing to do 

• Releasing expectation and receiving the moment 

• Listening with your whole body

• Relaxing into the Intensity of Relating in any situation, intimate or otherwise

Depending on what you are needing most, we will explore the realms of: coaching, intimacy awareness games, boundary setting, consent,  bodywork/touch exploration, breathwork, movement, and cuddle therapy. 

You will get something really valuable out of this series if:
  • You experience anxiety when you connect with others.
  • You have trouble enjoying time alone with yourself.
  • You isolate instead of engaging in activities that energize you due to fear / shame.
  • You long to form a lasting intimate relationship, but it never seems to work out.
  • You feel disconnected from your passion.
  • You've been procrastinating with 'getting out there' or making a plan to date.
  • You've got a sexual nature that wants to come out, but you're afraid of it.
This Series is 7 sessions, 2 hours each. Ideally meeting twice the first week, and once per week after (can adjust to every other week or customize your scheduling based on your needs) 
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