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Signature Virtual Program for Men

It is my pleasure to share a new framework for upgrading your sensual / sexual life. One that completely releases performance anxiety, shame, guilt, past trauma, and opens you up to a deeper and truer sensual embodiment. A confidence, and relaxed presence that has been the missing link all along. 

My expert somatic facilitation in this signature program will liberate you from the suffering and stress of PE / ED, Porn addiction, or blocks you may be experiencing in your ability to share your unique sexual authenticity.

I know your experience all too well...

You keep finding that you're stressing, tensing, and forcing your sexual expression to be a certain way in the background (internally) while you are trying to deepen your sexual connection (externally), worrying if you are performing well enough to meet her needs.....

Sound familiar? (This is just one example and I can't wait to hear your story...)

The thing is, with the right somatic regulation, nervous system awareness, and energetic circulation (instead of feeling all of that aforementioned stuff) you are moving into a deeply anchored felt sense of relaxed, fully present, and *holistically* aroused embodiment for you to experience independently and w/ your lover.

It may seem like from where you are now that it's impossible to get to what I've just described. 

That's natural. 

If you will allow me to broaden your awareness to more of what's going on inside you on a deep nervous system level, you will quickly start to grasp the keys to making a huge transformation like many of the men I've had the pleasure of supporting w/ my program: Tiger in the Night (level 1).

The first step is to have a free virtual meet and greet w/ me over facetime or whatsapp to see if we are a good fit for my offerings. That call will be life changing in and of itself because I will break down what has been missing all along and guide you toward a more well rounded perspective on your sexuality and what needs attention to create the balance you are seeking.

Once we have the meet and greet and are in full alignment around your session goals you'll be invited to the Tiger in the Night (level 1) program which consists of: 

Six 1 hr Virtual Sessions w/ me where we will dive deep together into all the areas necessary to make the shift. These sessions are hands-free, relaxing, and packed w/ tools / practices, and aha's! You will not feel any "zoom work vibes" at all b/c of the way I hold the space for us. It actually has a yummy therapeutic + ritual vibe so I'm told and you'll be looking very much forward to returning to our shared virtual space. 

In between those sessions for the 12 weeks you'll receive:

Signature Video Trainings of me facilitating you and supplemental Audio Guides that you can utilize at your own pace to reach profound transformation. The training videos and audios are easy to incorporate in your life, fully downloadable for you to keep and revisit as many times as needed, and...they're fun, inspiring, sensuous, and jam packed w/ valuable teachings that will change your life. 

With the program as an added bonus you also get:
WhatsApp Text Support for your communication needs / shares / asks for support when needed. This is a big value. You can use it like a journal that's interactive w/ me and really adds to feeling consistently supported through the journey.


I love people.  I love good sex. I love people having good sex. I believe in all of it:  Love. People. Good Sex. I believe that when people who love each other have good sex they are living more into their full potential. When I see toxic sex programs permeating our world, I know that is a big threat to the quality of life of people. Stressed people don't typically haved good sex. This is an issue. The porn industry is an issue. I see really lovely men getting stressed and porn addicted and then having miserable lives w/ no real pleasure or connection. All of this is completely avoidable and can be remedied w/ somatic care and the right setting to work through the depths. I love it. I love liberating men into their somatic sovereignty. And I love how that supports women. It's a beautiful thing. Reciprocal. 

Why I do this work....


What Men Are Saying: 

"Mind is blown. I had no idea that it was my nervous system all along that was stuck in performance mode and I didn't know how to shift out of that. This program took me to the next level and I'm so glad. My sex life is transformed!" ~N.P. 

"Performance anxiety...what is that again? Something I can now forget. I love being in full relaxed presence with my wife. I am fully there with her and it's amazing. Done with porn. Don't need it."


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