Welcome to Embrace Embodiment!

I'm Satori, I'll be your guide.


I’m not your average Yoga teacher or holistic healer type. I am both reverent and rebellious.I have never lost that sense of child-like wonder we are all gifted with as humans. I believe innocence is powerful. 


I’m a little wild. I like it that way. I relish the opportunity to express myself in unconventional ways. As a yogi,prayer-formance artist, dancer, singer, muse, and creative being, embodied expression is my constant companion. I am a spontaneous creatrix. I believe human connection heals and is therefore Sacred. 

“What is this delight-filled Universe into which we find ourselves born? What is this mysterious awareness shimmering everywhere within it?”

– Radiance Sutras



Embrace Your True Expression, Slow Down, and Be in the Moment.

As one who has studied and practices in the tradition of Hatha yoga, as well as esoteric buddhism,  (see FAQ for more info) the life-long practice is to experience life as the divine play of the universe. Staying curious. Playful. Aware. When we experience life through this innocent awareness, the rigid constructs of good/bad, right/wrong fall away. What we are left with then, is choice. Which is freedom. 


In this philosophy or life design, *everything is holy*. We are invited to Embrace our challenges as necessary teachers and messengers. Every moment of our lives can be utilized for positive transformation. Allowing the feminine, or yin, aspect of self as well as the masculine, or yang, to exist in balance with one another. 

This is the lens I choose to see life through and it is through this lens that I can also see You. I can see where you are blocked in your body, mind, emotions, creativity, and more. I am highly skilled at supporting you to dissolve those restrictions and feel better. It's really that simple. I look forward to getting to know you and what type of session will be best to help you reach your wellness goals~ 




There are many options to choose from for how we use our time. We will go over your main interests in our initial phone consult, the first step in the booking process.

Education and Experience


• Over 10 years experience as a wellness professional offering personalized coaching, restorative and transformational healing practices and expert bodywork (LMT certified as of June 2017) and cuddle therapy.

• Received my Yoga Teacher Training with Ki McGraw and Bob Smith of the Hatha Yoga Center (Seattle) 2011/2012

• Doula Certification in 2009 with Nekole Shapiro and Kathryn Julia of Embodied Birth (Seattle/Hawaii)

• Reiki Master Certification with Robert Allen, My Usui Reiki Teacher and Radical Self Expression Coach

• HBLU Certification Training with Annika Fae and Karen Jackson Forbes of Healing from the Body, Level UP (Seattle) 2005/2006

• Cornish College of the Arts, BFA in Theater with Kathryn Mesney, Sheila Daniels, Kate Myer, Deena Burke, John Wilson, my most wonderful and challenging teachers. Seattle, Wa 2005

• Graduated from globally recognized Dallas Arts Magnet High School, Dance focus

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