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Welcome to Embrace Embodiment!

I'm Satori, I'll be your guide.


I have been on a long journey towards healing and have picked up some wisdom along my path that I want to share with you.

Ram Dass,  an American spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author said,  "We are all just walking each other home". 

And I believe the 'home' we truly have no matter what, is our own precious Body. 

So thank you for considering taking part of your walk home to yourself with me. I have plenty of water, wonder, and love to offer.

“What is this delight-filled Universe into which we find ourselves born? What is this mysterious awareness shimmering everywhere within it?”

– Radiance Sutras

My life is an expression of EMBODIMENT!

From the time I was a small girl to present day, I have been very attuned to the experience of my Body, my Emotions, my Mind, and Spirit. I have been exploring these planes of awareness and embodiment consciously my entire life and am devoted to the world waking up by Embracing Embodiment, too!


I sought out opportunities to deepen more into my Body and truly, the BodyMind Connection through:


  • Dance : ballet and modern 

  • Yoga

  • Bodywork / Touch practices

  • Theater

  • Intimate relationships

  • Art

  • Trans-personal states of awareness via meditation and sacred ceremony. 

I am also an HSP (highly sensitive person) and Empath, which means you get to work with someone who exibits these characteristics:

hsp superpowers.gif



Embrace Your True Expression, Slow Down, and Be in the Moment.

Training and Certifications

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