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Going Yinward

a 6 week Journey into Body Connection

For people who are stuck in their heads, trying to control everything, and not truly enjoying life's pleasure of Being in a Body!

This Series is for You if: 

 You are more aware of your thoughts than body sensations
You are constantly working or thinking about work
You resist relaxation even though it's what you need 
You feel drained most the time
Your intimate relationships are suffering or need improving
The body sensations you do feel aren't pleasurable, you are in pain or suffer from feeling anxious

It's Time for a Change.

Yin Energy is All about BEING...

I help people who are addicted to DOING, or in other words, don't feel able to shift gears internally from achieving to relaxing. Those whom depend on external influences like food, netflix, excessive working out, alchohol/drugs, porn, social media, etc. to help them relax.


Only, this kind of relaxation doesn't really hit the spot. It only makes you *think* you are relaxed, but a deeper relaxation is necessary for you to truly *feel* the sense of well-being you seek.


New studies are showing living a 'Yang'd out' life-style causes major problems for our health, leading to disease. 

Over the course of 12 hours ( 6 sessions), I will help you discover your innate ability to Let GO from within. Feel your Body, and Tap into the Power and Pleasure Living there. Let's go Yinward.

How we will Go Yinward:

  • Breath Practices

  • Bodywork / Touch

  • Guided Visualization Coaching

  • Ancient Relaxation Rituals 

Contact me to set this up for YOU!

Are you a new client? Let's talk so I can answer any ?'s you have and help with booking.
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