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Tantra Practices for Urban Warriors & Modern Intimacy

“At its most basic, Tantra is an ancient and expansive spiritual philosophy with roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. It is an enlightenment path marked by practical, embodied practice.


The literal translation of the sanskrit word is “to weave.” In tantra, all of life is spiritual practice–every moment an opportunity to engage one’s full divine presence, energetically saying yes to every experience–from grief to bliss to rage to joy."

One aspect of the Tantric path is full awareness and acceptance of all things–including those aspects of ourselves we often don’t like to look at (like sexuality, anger, and jealousy, to name a few). By moving deeply into our understanding of these parts of ourselves, we can be freed of their oppressive rule in our lives. When we cultivate the quality of “witness” of ourselves and our behaviors, we gain choice and freedom in how we respond to life’s provocations.

Tantra is also known as the union of opposites–yin and yang, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, divine and profane, etc. Human consciousness perceives these opposites as polarized dualities, preventing us from experiencing our true nature in unity with all that is. As we move from duality and separation to totality and connection, immense bliss and joy emerges!” ~ Robyn Thoren Smith, friend and colleague.

So in order to awaken the inner witness self and begin to unwind the beliefs, behaviors, negative thought loops, and other unwanted “baggage” from your body/mind that keep you from having the life/relationships/intimacy that you desire, here’s what we do:

SIT, RELAX, AND GET PRESENT We start to gently talk to the places in you that are calling out for support. We form an intention for our time.

WE MOVE ENERGY – Together, we access deeper body and energy awareness through movement, touch, breath, sound, and play.

WE LOVINGLY CONNECT TO WHAT NEEDS LOVE AND ATTENTION – As we practice this opening and honing-in, we receive whatever gift/insight it has to offer. Usually, that’s all it wanted to do in the first place.

RELEASE IT – We let go of what does not serve anymore. 

INVITE – We invite the new in fully. This is the transformation. 

WE FILL UP THE SPACE that was out of balance with love, awareness, touch/contact, support, witnessing, and affirmation. We marvel together at the simplicity of how bringing our focus to the pain and allowing pleasure, in fact, heals.

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