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Pro Cuddle Therapy

Mentorship + Training

with Satori Laurel, RYT, LMT, CCT
So, you want to professionally hug people? Cool! The world truly needs you! I offer an immersive mentorship and training course for people who are interested in offering professional,  platonic, alternative touch care experiences to others in need of presence and care. Being active in and pioneering the Cuddle Therapist movement for the last 10 + yrs has been a complete JOY and now I want to help those that are feeling the call to dive in with awareness, fully equipped to offer this consent and boundaries based modality with confidence, ease, and success!

Step 1:

Have a phone consult w/ Satori to go over the concept and practice of cuddle therapy, ask questions, and decide together on the best next step.


Step 2.

Experience a Cuddle Therapy Session with Satori for $120. (90 min, introductory experience)


Step 3.


Begin Mentorship and Training as follows:


My mentorship and training currently consists of 10 sessions 1.5 hours each designed to prepare you to be a cuddle therapist and support you into how the modality works via fun lecture style
education modules and experiential practice one on one with me as your expert guide.

You’ll effectively learn and be supported in:
  • History of the modality of Cuddle Therapy

  • Basic Structure of Cuddle Therapy

  • How to Give an Awesome Session to Wide Variety of Clients

  • How to Become Certified w/ Cuddlist

  • How to Market yourself


$1,200 if paid upfront, or $1,300 to set up a payment plan.

($300 first payment due upon registering, then 3 payments of  $333.33)
*Does not include cost of 1st CT session w/ Satori, Step 2.


Upon completion of the 10 sessions, I will personally support you in moving forward with certification and you’ll have the opportunity to be on my (short) practitioner referral list.



All this, as well as me being there for any questions, as YOU build your own Cuddle Therapy Practice.

Also and maybe even most importantly --- going through this program will allow YOU to receive

a lot guessed it....Cuddle Therapy!!!! Wooooooo!!!!

Self Care Instantly On Fleek ;) 

Sound like a Win Win Win? I think so! :)

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