Cuddle Connect Series

10 hours of Cuddling to change your life.

Artwork by Flora Aube

We all Need Meaningful Human Connection

Touch. Vitamin T. When we don't receive this "nutrient" on a regular basis we can often feel isolated, lonely, depressed, and low-energy. Or perhaps the kinds of touch we do experience isn't high quality--meaning it lacks the presence, respect, and authentic tenderness that causes our whole being to relax, open, and reset to a place of joyful connection. 


Cuddling transforms how we experience being in our body. It opens us up to greater confidence, pleasure, and even changes our brain chemistry so that we meet life from a more peaceful center. When our defenses soften, we relate to the situations around us differently than if we are on edge--and when we are starved for touch it is more probable that we will default to ways of being that bring on more of what we don't want. 


I create a cozy, safe, and comforting space for you to receive super relaxing, heart-centered, platonic care that is empowered by conscious boundaries and consent.


These sessions are non-sexual, clothes-on (PJ's are great or at least a tank top and shorts are required), and completely focused on you and your needs for touch, connection, and presence. 


A CuddleConnect Series (package of 10 hours) to be used however you like over the course of 1-3 months are at least 1 hour long and up to 2.5 hrs max per session.


Your investment is $900 for this special series. Contact me to set this up for you! Here's to your self-love and self-care skyrocketing!

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